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Do you have a good sounding room? If so take a look at the cascae fatheads. Probably the best bang for buck in audio at the moment (but you really do need a good room).

Also, what kind of music do you do and do you have a preferred kind of sound? You really need to think about your goal before choosing mics IMO.

There's a zillion different placement techniques. I often use the Andy Johns method. Google it.

Originally Posted by barters81 View Post
I'm about to purcahse a new pair of overheads to record drums with. I know everyone will have a different opinion, but from the forum posts I've seen today on other sites this needs to be brought up again everynow and then.

What mics do you use for drum overheads? How/Where do you palce the mics?

Any tricks you've come up with when mixing etc?

I'm looking at buying a pari of Oktava MK-012.....anyone had any experience with these? Or would I be better served purchasing Rode NT5's?
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