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Default Re: Overhead mics?

Ive used several but as far as bang for the buck.

I use the Mike J. modded MK-012 and its a reaaaaally good buy. Have Rodes, AKG, Nuemann, AT, and this one is a go to for me and overheads. Captures sound as flat as 160's. Dead flat. What you hear is what you get.

Drum Overheads
Classical Guitars
Solo Orchestral instruments
Acoustic guitar
Cab mics for things like Fender Jazzmaster, Old Princeton amps, etc.
Choir overheads especially w/ Omni capsules

By that fact allone it responds really well to eq and so forth. They arent dark or bright but very balanced.

And with the interchangable capsules its has diffenent flavors to work with.

Best bang for the buck. Best money youll spend in that catergory.

google oktavamod and see.
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