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Actually. It was digidesign who went back on an agreement with Fairlight to allow direct import and export from fairlight to pro-tools. And they had to remove the option in future sofwtare releases. And it was imoprt export of version 4.3. I had conversations about this with fairlight directly.
The encryption serves one purpose. And that is to create a closed sytem, to prevent crossplatform compatability. Same reason for not having any kind of crossplatform conversion available, like AES31.

Av-transfer allows transfer to and from various formats tpo fairlight, as does the program MediaMagic. Except that with media magic you are again stuck with 5.0 transfers. Which I guarantee Digi will stop supoporting in the Near future. Thus leaving absolutely no way to be cross platform compatible.

In also can't help but think that the $500,- pricetag to unlock the Digitranslator tool built into the current versions of Pro-Tools is another way of discouraging users to have access to it. As it would again allow a much easier cross platform for people not using Protools.
I was not aware that Digi reneged on the fairlight deal- It seems to me a tiny bit surprising since most people just hacked compatibility fro PT 4 sessions - like Akai and Timeline. As to the earlier session formats going unsupported, ProTools 6.4 still supports the v3.2 session format, so I think you are safe for at least the next couple of weeks...

AES 31 I think has been kind of ratified, but I thought that there was going to be a more broad compatibility with AAF (which I thought was going to include the same session compatibility that the AES standard was designed for)

As to the OMF tool functionality- It is a good argument- It should probably just be a part of ProTools as a standard set of functionality.

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