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Default Re: The future of surround sound? Auro 3D

Originally Posted by MIKEROPHONICS View Post
Most people I know who have seen Gravity in 3D thought the sound was amazing... but would rather have seen it with 2D pictures
I think one of the main differences between the acceptance of 3D visuals vs 3D sound is that with current technology to experience 3D visuals you need an external barrier that plays a part in physically and psychologically separating yourself from the movie. 3D glasses are usually uncomfortable, often cumbersome, live on your freaking face, and also cut the brightness and color of films down. On the other hand audiences can experience 3D sound using only their own 2 ears and brains, and can be thoroughly immersed in a clearer more vivid experience with no extra work on their part.

If 3D video technology ever reaches a point where you can experience it without having to wear glasses or a helmet or some sort of external device it'll really take off, but until then I feel it'll always feel a bit hobbled or gimmicky, even when done well (and Gravity was really done well).

3D sound on the other hand, really does make a movie feel much more immersive. I've experienced demos for Atmos, Isonosound, IMM sound, (everything except Auro at this point, Marti I need to visit your stage!!), and I think they provide wonderful opportunities for great storytelling through sound. BGs come alive with height separation and discrete speaker output, and the overhead VOG speakers can be a great creative tool. I love it.

I fear it'll be hard to get consumers at home to set up multi-speaker systems (almost nobody I know even has a 5.1 system setup at home, let alone set up correctly), but for theatrical experiences I can't wait to see how the competing immersive-audio brands push the frontiers.
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