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Default New Pro Tools Express for Mboxes

There's already an announcement from Avid about this, but it appears to be closed to comments, so that's why I posted here.

Avid has introduced Protools Express, which is a very light edition of protools (16 tracks, limited instruments) that is bundled with what formerly was the hardware only versions of the Mbox and Mbox Mini.

It looks like it's a way a at least giving something to the hardware only versions, and users will be able to upgrade to regular Protools at a special price.

So from what I can see on the main Mbox family page, it looks like the hardware only version of the Mbox Pro is discontinued (you can only get it bundled with the full Protools), and what were the hardware only versions of the Mbox and Mbox Mini, will now come with this new Express software.

Sounds like a cool idea. Perhaps Avid can clarify what's the deal with the Mbox Pro.
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