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Default Re: who is running HD Native ..

Hey Kev

I'm running native hd 9 on a dual 2.4 8 core westmere. I'm using an omni and a 16x16.

So far...very pleased. I replaced a dual 2 g5 and hd3 pci non accel. The new system is seriously far more powerful. Plug in usage is simply not an issue anymore. I can choose to track with the 32 sample buffer (same latency as my old rig) or use direct monitoring which is better. The new converters are awesome. Re the omni fan thing...not a problem with mine.

In terms of issues:

I have a bug where my hardware inserts show unavailable stating that outputs are already in use. The workaround is just to remove and recreate the insert in the io. It's annoying but no big deal.

I get an occasional 9129 (I think) error which is something to do with clocking. I ok it and it's fine for hours. Not sure what that's about yet. It's not actually causing any other problem that I can detect.

Massive rtas instruments are still a system drain. That's the same for us all.

Overall, I'm very happy. The system is like tdm but...quicker. It's extremely snappy and feels totally solid. I haven't done any intensive multitrack tracking sessions yet. But I full expect it to fly if the mixing performance is anything to go by. I bought this rig because my old one was maxed out on big mixing sessions. It was getting really frustrating. In terms of solving that problem in an economical way I'm totally happy. I did have a couple of weeks of downtime in which I had planned to do the switch. As it happened a mixing job came in and I was nervous about being on a brand new setup and broadly untested software. It has honestly been very smooth. Yes, there are a couple of issues but they're not things that stop you. I'm sending my mixes and the cycle of life goes on.

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