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Default Re: Best Core 2 Series Desktops-Results and Specs

Thanks! This is great information! You summarized everything I've been thinking lately.
Is Intel going to release new prosessors soon?
Should I consider buing P35 chipset? (asus?)
Intel has stated they can ship the next chips (Penryn) at the launch of Phenom, I suspect they will wait to wait to see what AMD brings to the table. But yes there will be new chips in either Q4 or Q1 of 2008. Penryn is supposed to be 20-40% improvement over Conroe. Whether this will translate into 20-40 improvement for PT remains to be seen. The new core architecture (Nehalem) is due mid year and will require a new socket and mother board as Intel is finally going to ditch the frontside bus and go to a integrated memory controller.

Whether or not I would wait for Penryn would be determined by how bad I needed a new computer. The current crop of Conroe based processors is really getting the job done as it is.

I'm building a quad as some as the price drops. I think they will be very cost effective at that point.

ASUS vs Intel boards. The intel boards are VERY affordable, the ASUS boards will let you run the memory at 1066 vs 800 and this makes a tremendous difference in the Dverb count. (I will be building a ASUS)and with there not being much if any price difference in the price between 1066 and 800 it makes sense to run 1066. Also all of the boards in the list at the top of the post will run Penryn so they are safe bets.

P35 vs P965. Auxsends1 P35 results are very good, Doogz had it up and running on a P35 board with Integrated graphics which has traditionally been a big no no with Protools. I was planning on going P965 for compatibility sake but Auxsend1s results now have me leaning towards P35. I'm more worried about the Agere based firewire controller chip on the the board than the P35 chipset.

I would like to point out that Auxsends results were not as I know tested with a USB product only Firewire. however his results with P35 running with DDR2 667 are very close to the results to Jamtime running DDR2 @889 so it would appear that the is a definite performance increase from the newer chipset.

So far P35 looks very good but keep in mind it is new

I suspect Q6600+P35+1066 will possibly top 275 Dverbs. That is just a guess however.

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