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Default Re: "SystemId Entered does not match the SystemId on record for this Serial"

I'm new on this forum. I have recently bought a used 11R, just like the thread starter. I experience the exact same problem with my purchased expansion pack(on Windows 7) and have been in contact with Avid's Tech support.

I was told to phone in and get help. The problem is that when I enter my SystemID (got get actual access to the tech support - possibly to talk to a human being) I'm simply told that my SystemID is not valid for support.

I'm entering the SystemID that I got when I purchased the expansion pack for the 11R.

I've tried un-installing internet explorer 11 and 9, but with no luck.
I've tried downloading the expansion pack software on Firefox and Chrome, but with no luck (not that I expected that to help).

Could someone guide me as what to do next (obviously I've replyed the tech support guy I've email'ed with that I could not use the phone number provided because my SystemID did not give me access - but haven't heard back from him).

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