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Default Re: 10.5 iPad Pro support?

Originally Posted by robertg View Post
" its unlikely we cold offer an adapter like before. "

That reads like a permanent decision to me..

And "remove the plastic that's in the way" - in other words, 'cut off the plastic, you're on your own.' Not "hang tight for 6 months" or anything like that.
This will take a it to change in production and its unlikely we cold offer an adapter like before.
Bolded for emphasis.

This means current Docks will not be fixable. Hanging tight for 6 months will not change this. An adapter swap will not work (and I can guess why -- the adapter can only be so thin at the bottom before manufacturing it makes it weak and crackable. So the area near the power port access on the knob frame will need to be widened for new Docks.)

Or you just dremel a bit of plastic out or return your Dock.
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