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Default Re: Help with control 24 connection PT10

Originally Posted by Marcus Martin View Post
I'm having this same Issue right now and I can't get the idea of what is going on . I get the "diginet32.dll error-Can not start service" when i go to peripheral / Ethernet controller and click enable.

Did a Google and I get the

"Ethernet control surface installation for Windows systems:
1. Go to the Start Menu, right-click the My Network Places icon, and then choose Properties.
2. Right-click on the relevant Local Area Connection, and then choose Properties.
3. Click on Install, select “Protocol” and click the “Add” button.
4. Click on Have Disk.
5. Point to the DigiNet.inf file in Program Files/Common Files/Digidesign/DAE/Controllers/ProControl directory on your Local Disk.
6. Follow instructions on-screen to complete the installation.
7. Restart.

BUT!!! Once I get to "PART 5 on the list in the "hard disk" part the there is no "inf type" file that appears in the Dae/"controllers" folder window but I'd I navigate to in a different window it show "dll" flies so I'm stuck at this point right now


Sorry I'm not a windows person! but you shouldn't have to do any of this! it should automatically see the driver for the control 24.

What cable are you using? a good quality ethernet cable should be used. pretty sure you don't need a cross-over cable!!!

Is there an orange and green light on the back of the control 24 to show its connected to the computer ok.

does the ethernet work on the PC ok? can you test with another device? broadband connection etc.

anything else connected to the ethernet on the pc?

Re-install the pro tools software to make sure the driver is installed for the control 24!

should just work after its been scanned in peripherals and selected in one of the boxes.

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