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Default Re: Tempo changes and pitch shifting

Well, I spent the $40 to have Avid remote in and get me going. After checking out settings, he created a new Session, imported the Session Data from the affected Session, and it worked. Everything was fine, even though the vocal & rhythm guitar were out of synch, the system was working and I could fix things. This was yesterday. I closed the system down & went back to it, and it was working fine.
Today, I spent a number of hours working and playing, no problem. Turn it all off to run some errands, and when I open it up this evening, the same problems are back..
The onboard sound is Default, with the MBox3 set to Ready.. the MBox3 sample rate is 44.1 kHz as is the Session that's messing up.
So.. I create a New Session, import the data, but it's all still playing fast. I'm going a little nuts.
Why & how do setting change like this?? I wish I had a degree in I.T. ! Any ideas would be so much appreciated..
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