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Default Re: Windows 7 - how to get sound from both Pro Tools 12 and other applications?

Originally Posted by ChuckS View Post
Their are audio interfaces that have multi-client drivers that allow PT running ASIO and the system to share the device along with other apps. Komplete Audio 6 being one and I believe RME has multi-client drivers among others. The cabling method is probably the easiest and most used because most drivers are not multi-client. But with PT's demands on system resources I just wonder how any rig with multiple concurrent apps running (one of them being a game) could perform acceptably.
This may well work, but I prefer to keep things separated to some degree. Having arrived at this methodology over years, this is what I do:
The "pro" setup:
Use a speaker/source switcher(such as Presonus Central Station or Audient Nero). Connect Pro Tools interface(for PT audio, only), connect optical SPDIF from computer(for all other sounds). Then take advantage of the added options so you can hear iPhone audio, DAT(yes, I still have a DAT machine) and switch between multiple sets of speakers or headphones.

That is the "pro" method and it costs some $$, but there is totally "budget" solution. I still(and always) recommend a dedicated interface for Pro Tools. But you could simply take the interface outputs and the computer sound card outputs(analog) and plug them into any of the super-cheap little mixers from most MI retailers. Behringer, Alesis, Alto and other companies offer baby mixers with 2-4 stereo inputs for $39 to $59. Hook your monitors up the the mixer outs and you can listen to everything on the same speakers
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