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Default Re: Windows 7 - how to get sound from both Pro Tools 12 and other applications?

Hi. Greetings from Norway.

I have 20+ years of experience with PT, but all of them with PT on Mac, so I can't step-by-step advise you on PT on windows. I thought I'd just start off the discussion with some general stuff.

PT is not, and has never been, a user friendly plug-and-play application. It started as the leading software in the tape-to-digital transition in the nineties. You needed to have their special hardware to run it in those days and people didn't question it because we knew we wanted professional quality over ease of use. And PT still shows this. It's made for studios, not for musicians, in a way.

This also explains why PT almost demands that you let it take over your machine and not use it for anything else.

Well, it's not that bad anymore, but PT requiring complete control over your audio output is still a fact. Other DAWs might play nicer with other applications, but they do so at a cost. PT won't compromise. There is something for windows called ASIOforALL which I think is a workaround for this. I always were of the opinion that the easiest, most solid way to solve this is to have a audio interface with an analog aux input that you plug your windows audio into, so PT is controlling the interface, and all other apps and windows sound goes analog from your built-in PC out to the aux. And everything goes to your monitors, of course.

So, are you quite shure that PT is right for you? Did you demo it before you bought it? Have you tried other alternatives, Ableton Live, Cubase, Reason? You can always get some money back by selling that PT license.

Also, PT is pretty demanding when it comes to PC hardware. Are you shure your PC is up to it?

From what you describe, I really think you should look to other programs. PT is NOT for those who "just want it to let me be creative and stay out of the way". They all have demos. Try them and see which one lets you do what you want.

Best of luck.
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