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Default Re: pro tools 10 le reinstallation

Originally Posted by Diego de Massy View Post
Hy. I formated my macbook pro early 2011 13" 2,3 Ghz i5 4 go ram. I was working with my protools 10 le. I can't find it anymore. 1/ I don't know if it's in the application avid from time machine backup on my external hard disk. I can't acces to that backup in time machine. I don't see anymore the icon pro tools I used to launch in the backup. And if I want to download pro tools from my account on it doesn't work anymore and says something like error you must have at least the 10.7 osx version. I already have the 10.11.2. What's the problem? Could you helpt me? Thanks
Assuming you have the original disks that came with your computer I would reinstall whatever OSX is on them and then find an OSX 10.8.5 installer and use that. And never ever use a Time Machine backup or Migration Assistant (sometimes also called Migration Assassin) to bring programs in.
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