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Default Re: Convert from subscription to perpetual license

Originally Posted by AlanStansbery View Post
Hi. I purchased the PT 12 download version from Guitar Center about 2 weeks ago, year upgrades/support $299. Running fine. Tonight I bought the Eleven Rack/PT 12 deal at Sweetwater, $599.

I only need one instance of PT 12. Currently have the subscription version installed on my Mac. I want to convert to the perpetual license that comes with the Eleven rack. What is the most efficient way to make this change?

Thanks for your help.

Don't activate the new one yet!

I'm no expert on this and I could be wrong, but I think you have two perpetual licenses.

I don't think the license you bought for $299 is a "subscription." Subscriptions are billed monthly, not annually. I'm pretty sure it's a perpetual license. All that expires at the end of the year is support and eligibility for upgrades. Place a quick call to GC or Avid to verify one way or the other.

You may be able to sell the license that came with your Rack. I don't know how much it would be worth or how much hassle it would be, but anything may be better than nothing.
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