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Default Re: no EuCon for 10.10.1

Originally Posted by robertg View Post
I am beside myself with amazement. Now wi-fi doesn't work either? What is so complicated about this piddly little text-based data (fader values, timecode) which could probably all fit through a 56k modem, that now it doesn't work with wi-fi?

I feel like this stuff is just getting worse, not better.

EuCon needs competition.
It'd be interesting to capture the traffic of an MC Control and four MC Mix's, during a fairly complex mixdown. Considering the Artist Series NIC's are 100Mbps, one wouldn't think five controllers would overrun an 802.11n network. Things could be different with the older/slower WiFi standards or if someone was streaming Netflix on the same network.

Given EUCON's track history, however, I'd wager $100 to a penny that it's a EUCON coding problem, rather than anything inherent to WiFi.
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