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Exclamation Re: Blinking STOP/PLAY transport buttons PLAYBACK ISSUE

Reviving a dead thread - I've got this, or something VERY similar, happening in PT 9.0.3. (Haven't tried 9.0.4 yet).

It's more consistent, now, and has a workaround, but still frustrating. Basically, whenever I do a bounce to disk (to mp3, specifically) on certain sessions, afterwards I get the play/stop flash behavior - only the buttons don't actually flash. I hit play, PT thinks, then stops. The 'fix' is to open the Playback Engine dialog, switch the hardware buffer to something else, then switch it back, then close the PB Engine window.

The workaround 'works' most of the time but it's still very frustrating.

PT 9.0.3, Complete Toolkit, OSX 10.6.6, Mac Pro 8 Core 3ghz, 5gb RAM. Current plugins in the session: Reaktor, Massive, Omnisphere, Maschine, Decapitator, McDSP ML4000. Using Pro Tools Aggregate IO.
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