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Originally Posted by innesireinar View Post
The last thing I want to do is to defend Avid but releasing a version that is still compatible with 4 OS (Sierra, HS, Mojave and Catalina) is not easy. Sierra is 4 years old. I'm on HS and I was crossing my fingers that the was compatible with it. It is... but I think that the next time HS will be cut and I will have to replace my video card for moving to mojave.
Yeah but it's been that way since the Soundtools/Digi days before Avid swallowed them. In the 90s until today most gigs I'm on are still a few OS and PT versions behind. No matter how many years go by that seems to be the case for many large/mission critical users. We kept an old Tupperware Mac online for several years after it was supported. It's so that many of us have switched tools even though I think Avid is better these days. We use Nuendo to track and mix to picture, PT for some things, and Live for writing, arranging and playback systems. I cut my teeth on 1" 16 track and 2" 24 so I like the music style workflow of PT but these days it's easier to to change the workflow than hassle with the tool. My focus is the art. The tool is only a means to the art.
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