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Default Drag and Drop Audio from Workspace issue


Pro Tools Ultimate 2019.5.0 on iMac Pro Mojave 10.14.5

I am trying to drag and drop a bunch of audio files which are numbered 1 - 40 into a template with corresponding tracks also numbered 1 - 40 and for whatever reason, whenever I do this Pro Tools seems to scramble the order so that I have to go through and manually move every audio file to the track to where it should be.

It doesn't matter if I grab all 40 tracks or just 3 of them....they don't stay in alpha/numeric order. Huge time killer.

Say for example I have 5.1 interleaved audio files with the following file names:

Stem 1 Live Brass
Stem 2 Synth Brass
Stem 3 Live Strings
Stem 4 Synth Strings
Stem 5 Hi Perc
Stem 6 Lo Perc
Stem 7 Synth Perc Loops

In the workspace they are in numeric order Stem 1 to Stem 7, top to bottom.

Grab all 7 of them together and Drag/Drop to Pro Tools Session with 7 corresponding 5.1 Audio tracks, also numbered 1 - 7 (but track names should be irrelevant). This is what I see:

Track 1 Live Brass = Stem 3 Live Strings
Track 2 Synth Brass = Stem 1 Live Brass
Track 3 Live Strings = Stem 5 Hi Perc
Track 4 Synth Strings = Stem 7 Synth Perc Loops
Track 5 Hi Perc = Stem 2 Synth Brass
Track 6 Lo Perc = Stem 4 Synth Strings
Track 7 Synth Perc Loops = Stem 6 Lo Perc

Seems pretty random, but it is consistent insofar as the "scrambled" order is the same every time if I Quit Pro Tools and then re-open the session and do it again. Also, it doesn't matter if I only grab, for example, any three consecutive Audio files...they show up out of order top to bottom in the Pro Tools Session.

Anyone see this and know what's causing it? I've trashed Prefs/rebooted and restarted protools and still have the issue.

Any ideas would be much appreciated.
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