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Default Re: Does upgrading to PT12 (with support plan) prevent licence/asset sale?

Originally Posted by CME View Post
That's why I asked for clarification. They implied I could sell it, after support had expired, and the buyer could then buy coverage and be good to go again. So maybe avid is changing things. I still don't like that I can't sell my license until March of next year. But if they're changing the way support works. And if they are now allowing you to let it expire and then buy back in later, I guess that could be an improvement. Depending on the terms. Which I'm sure we'll find out about "soon".
If this is the case for a transferred licence, surely it would be reasonable to expect to reinstate a lapsed support plan (with no penalty) without having to sell it?!

Who told you this CME ... support? This whole thing is looking like more of a moving target than it was before Avid said anything or attempted to clarify!

Hopefully, Marianna's involvement (I doubt she'll be happy at having to communicate a hugely unpopular HD 'clarification' following the previous day's official Avid Twitter post ... only to have it retracted) will lead to the right people starting to realise what a mess this is.

FWIW, it does appear that Avid's swiftest action yet on any of this was after a barrage of negative comments on their Facebook. I'm not a user but suggest that they may be paying more attention to what is said there than on DUC :)
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