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Default Re: Does upgrading to PT12 (with support plan) prevent licence/asset sale?

Originally Posted by deanrichard View Post
Correct me if I'm wrong, but won't any change in ownership also imply that if the new buyer allows a lapse in the support plan it will need to be "upgraded", and also create a 25% penalty if the lapse is more than 30 days?
We know these are the conditions for HD (well ... we did but Marianna's Facebook post was taken down?!) and vanilla users would need a completely new licence once their plan lapses, but ...

The buyer would also have the option of sticking on the last version and contiuing to use this perpetual licence as long as their OS/hardware allowed them to.

However, just to kick off another unanswered strand to this, some say that this user is entitled to bug fixes, although quite how Avid are supposed to issue these fixes after the release of a new major upgrade, no one knows?!
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