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Default 32 Channel Input / 16 Channel Output Device(s)?

We are attempting to set up a project studio and are trying to find a way of getting 32 channels of input and a minimum of 16 channels of outputs. We were hoping to use PreSonus gear, but they've discontinued most of their lightpipe equipment.

According to their page, you can daisy chain any FireStudio product via FireWire and combine those inputs, but tests have shown us that using a StudiolLive 16.4.2 board and FireStudio Mobile don't work. You can see the inputs in PT9 I/O, but no sound comes in from the Mobile device (16.4.2 works as expected).

Any thoughts or suggestions would be fantastic! We are not locked into PreSonus, but it's been rock-solid on Logic and Studio One and has great pres for the price.

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