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Default Re: Fee for changing payment methods?

Originally Posted by Ed Douglas View Post
I just recieved one of those email notices about the switch from Arvato to Digital river requesting to update my method of payment. I logged in to my Avid account and saw that they were requesting me to update the payment info for a monthly voice pack. I changed the payment method from my CC to PayPal, and in the process of confirming the switch was billed $1.13 CDN? My Voice pack is set to renew on the 21st... is this some sort of previously unheard of service charge for the change over?

Granted $1.13 isn't a huge deal for me , but if this happens to 100's or 1000's or more of customers... sheesh.

Hi, nothing to worry about. That's just the pre-authorization charge and will be released from pre-authorization automatically. Rest assured that this transaction will not be posted on your card/bank statement and this is just so that Avid can capture your payment details and transfer it to Digital River.

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