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Default Re: "The Project owner has deleted the shared project" - offline Projects lost

Originally Posted by DigiTechSupt View Post
Hello Barryd,

The problem occurs when a computer with offline-only Project(s) starts an internet connection. If you are working on a second computer it would not affect the Project(s) on your first computer.

Since you expressed concern about your recording we would recommend that you export your Project (full mix or individual tracks). To preserve individual tracks for mixing later:
  1. Solo a track
  2. Disable any plug-ins
  3. Go to File > Export... Audio Mix ("Multiple mono" for mono tracks and "Interleaved" for stereo)
  4. Repeat for other tracks
This will create WAV files which could be imported into a new Project if needed. The new files will be in Documents/Pro Tools/Bounced Files.

Best regards,
Thanks. I thought the problem occurred when you lost an internet connection not when you started one. I am familiar with exporting and already exported the mixed version but I guess exporting each track might be a good idea. Why would you disable the plugins though as there could be stuff like compression, reverb etc on each track?
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