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Default Re: Waves not showing up/Sample rate not supported

Originally Posted by zeeman View Post
Hey Man,

Yea El Capitan is as far as this machine will go, And really has been pretty smooth.

But i solved it.
Not sure how but.
i changed the PCIE slot.trashed everything. reinstalled all waves and got back up and running.
Now i already did all that before and then swapped the PCIE ssd drive with my other PCIE/SSD drive and waves came back.
Waves auths are on a flash drive. Whats weird is Waves Central is not seeing my SSD drive so i have to keep my auths on a flash drive which i really don't wanna do. Don't like having them on the cloud for day to day work.
Thx for your help. good info in your post.

I doubt that El Crapitan is as far as your machine will go - you haven't said what exact MacPro you have and that means a lot.

Methinks you may have solved it but don't want to admit pilot error.
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