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Default Re: control 24 psu repair for $40!

Originally Posted by SDBSDB View Post
My first post with avid the topic C24 power supply. c20 is very near a very hot transformer - so cap goes out. The correct repair is mount cap on bottom of board away from transformer. 24/7 use typical is 3-6 months depending on cap quality, Proper repaired bottom of board is on second year, Note: leave enough lead to fold over about 1/8 from board add a silicone glue to insulate . AVID I am looking for tech work I ask did any of your guys catch this. A repair is good, ah finding the problem, then reparing the whole problem is correct. Sorry any of you needed repairs more than once. Next sugested add on is molex plugs to secondary wiring area needs of console, then PS just unplugs for simple repair and leaves away to have a second PS that can swap in minutes, I have a happy client now. Steven Brown looking for military grade cap set [ all caps on board] will list if I find source[s]
You must be talking about of another model than mine!!...My Power Supply board don't have any transformer. Please post a pic of your Power Supplay if you have one. I changed ALL the electrolytic capacitors and the problems was there gain and again. Some advices will be appreciate.

Thanks a lot
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