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Default Re: Partition size for new drive and other disk defrag options

Originally Posted by Benoni View Post
Ccleaner is a good and free Registry Cleaner.

For Antivirus i use SuperAntiSpyware. I use to use AVG, but its too much of a hassel anymore because it has Resident Shield which is always running and even it you turn it off, when you turn it, its on, you cant totally shut down AVG without rebooting.

Here is Ccleaner

Ccleaner from
Thanks, and I've been looking to get rid of AVG also. I've actually been looking at trying to get all the software version before they got all smart and constantly checked for updates. Why do I care if there is some minuscule update to acrobat reader, you know?

So does anyone know will a separate boot disk or even user account prevent internet madness from creping into your recording machine? It's probably still better to have the separate machine, but I'm going to be going to all HDMI and would love to avoid the KVM that costs more than the second machine will. . .

Thanks again
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