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Default Re: Partition size for new drive and other disk defrag options

Originally Posted by albee1952 View Post
Regarding the 1 gb drive, I would partition in half. I also don't use defrag as a general rule. A better option for "house keeping" drives (for me anyway) is to copy the sessions to another drive or partition and wipe(reformat) the first drive/partition and then copy the files back onto it. AFAIK, RAID is not supported but SAN may be an option(but I will defer to the HD experts on that one).
+1 I only use Windows Defrag for Non Audio drives. Just a note, the Defrag is much better in Windows 7, and I believe Microsoft has endorsed PerfectDisk for Windows 7 as well, so that another option if you dont like the included option.

I would partition the drive in half or 300, 300, 400 or what ever combination you need.

I personally say turn off defrag for all drives and run it manually when needed.

Also a good Registry Cleaner can work wonders especially if you are getting on the net with your PT rig. Keep all AntiVirus software OFF, make sure you disable it in the Startup menu, and only turn it on to run scans or when getting on the net.

Always launch PT8 with Run As Administrator, this cleared up most (your drive is too slow) errors for me.
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