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Default Profire lightbridge H/w buffer in PT9

Hi everybody,
can someone answer those simple questions?

1-Is it possible to set the H/w buffer lower than 128 in PT9 when using a Profire Lightbridge to have a decent latency when tracking thru the software.

2-Is it possible to use the "input monitor" button in PT9 HD when using a third party interface (not connected to the hd card) to mute the tracks when doing overdubs with an external mixer.

3-Is it possible to use LLM in PT9 HD Native when using a third party FW interface .

This is my first post here. I've been reading this forum for two years now, waiting for a solution for my "simple" monitoring problem and as usual, I find very dificult to have informations about the most important features that make a software usable or not.

My only wishes for PT9 where :32 samples buffer for my Lightbridge (already working in Logic) or software monitoring On/Off button.

I want to upgrade my system but I wonder if it will cost me 350 or 6000 to have something where I can punch with only one button!



P.s: I hope my english is good enough to be understood !
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