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Default It\'s Official - PT6!

Okay, AES isn't until this weekend, but I just got my latest Pro Sound News - actually the "AES Daily" edition... and in it, on page 30, is the following:


"Digidesign Rolls Out New Pro Tools Software

At Booth 1447 Digidesign is featuring a number of new products, including new Pro Tools software, 6.0 for Mac OS X, and TDM 5.3.3 for Windows XP.

Pro Tools 6.0 boasts an all-new look and new features on Mac OS X. Shipping the end of the year, the new software offers improved performance and support for dual processor Macintosh G4 computers. Pro Tools 6.0 has improved organization and MIDI support, increased mixing options, and much more control. In this new version, Pro Tools has received a MIDI makeover, fully supporting the Mac OS X CoreMIDI engine and including MIDI Time Stamping (MTS) for sample-accurate MIDI timing with software samplers and synths (TDM, RTAS, HTDM and DirectConnect), and sub-millisecond accurate MIDI timing with MIDI I/O and other supported MTS-capable interfaces. Pro Tools 6.0 also has intelligent tools for groove creation and modification, including the new Beat Detective 2.0 that supports extraction and generation of DigiGroove templates based on audio performances for timing and velocity of passage. DigiGroove templates are compatable with new Groove Injection templates.

Pro Tools TDM 5.3.3 for Windows XP includes many of the features previously released in Pro Tools 5.3.1 software for Macintosh computers. Features include integrated control of PRE, mulit-DSP 48 bit mixer, Increased SYNC I/O options, and more. Pro Tools 5.3.3 software for Pro Tools|HD offers Windows XP users improved workflow efficiency through trus simultaneous sharing of media assets."


Well, there you have it. No mention of PT LE improvements, and 6.0 is only mentioned for the Mac. Hopefully the new MIDI features and "look" will get ported into 6.0 on the "native" versions soon.

As far as the "number of new products", we'll just have to wait and see what that pertains to.
Phil O'Keefe
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