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Default Re: Eleven rack adding new presets error !

Originally Posted by emmany View Post
Hi Guys ,

Im running Eleven rack with 1.0.2 firmware and running the Eleven rack standalone editor , since I use Logic Pro as my DAW . When I download some user preset and try to upload it into my Eleven rack it gives the following error .

" Unable to load rig settings from file: "Petrucci As I am" "

The preset file is a .tfx files and I don't run Pro tools . I know we can upload patches into the rack using the stand alone editor , but I don't know why its giving me this error .

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Sometimes presets are just corrupt and have to be re-saved by the person who made them.

Also, are you sure the preset is for firmware 1.0? If it was made with items from firmware v2 it's not going to work on your 11R.
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