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Default Re: PT 2019 Mojave performance improvements

I cannot follow what you are doing or what exactly you are disputing that Avid said. What exactly are you comparing? At what IO buffer sizes etc.

Avid's post there is really comparing Pro Tools 2018 and 2019.5. It's not about a performance claim that PT on Mojave is faster... just that they now support Mojave.

If you are not seeing *significant* improvements with 2019.5 something is likely wrong. Do you know what exact plugins and workload etc. Avid tested with here, did you base your tests on knowing that? I expect they might ask tell you if ask them.

For most folks it seems 2019.5 is so spectacularly better than previous versions that everybody is too busy getting work done.

The way to determine what you can run is to load up some workload until it fails with AAE errors. Are you doing that? What error is setting your limit?

What PT OR Activity Monitor CPU meters show is not the key there, and (esp. with hyperthreading) they lie/are too hard for users to understand, and 2019.5 includes changes to try to get the PT CPU meters more useful so directly comparing 2018.x and earlier and 2019.5 meters may be suspect.
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