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I use the D6 on rack tom and the Miktek PM11 on floor tom. Auditioning is a great idea if you have access to borrowing or renting mics. I spent 2 full days trying every mic I own in every position on the kit and devised my own best configuration from what I had on hand, and what I knew of from years in the biz. Honestly, the Miktek was a bit of a surprise. I started with it on bass drum and found it sounded too scooped. I stuck it on the floor tom and expected an okay sound, but a few hits sold me(and I have longed for 421's for a long time...but no more). You can't go wrong with 421's, but they are likely to set you back over $300 each! Dynamics being rugged by design, buying used can save money, whether its 421's or anything else mentioned

Something to keep in mind. With the quality of drum replacement plugins and drum sample libraries, you could use cheap mics, stick them inside the shell for isolation and use samples after tracking
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