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Default Re: error 2147213312 'Creative Collection'

I get the same thing after I upgraded to 8.0.3, actually when I installed 8.0 with the Mbox2 Mini the creative collections kicked back an error but because I could use PT I didn't think nothing of it until upgrading to 8.0.3 and realizing that maybe I should have. lol

I have W7 and fought awhile to FINALLY get PT LE 8 working on my system so don't want to uninstall if I don't have to but not sure what to do. I took the DVD, box, and receipt back into Guitar Center and they said I couldn't get another copy I have to purchase another copy since it's been over their time frame (past a year) to exchange defective products. They said occasionally its "installer errors" (I believe something to do with cab2??) on the DVD and just buy another version... great. Hoping there's a better option since don't want to drop another $150.
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