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Default Dock Fader - Attention Problem

PT 2018.4 Eucon 18.3

Can somebody tell me if this behaviour is a bug or a function that Iím missing.

Iím using just a Dock on itís own. Under Assign I have Dock fader to <attentioned/selected track>.

Sometimes - and this may be because itís intermittent or Iím somehow actioning it - when I attention a VCA I get a flashing green light next to the name in the bottom left corner of the Control screen where the attention faders details are. I then can not attention away from it. When I attention away everything else follows like the EQ and Dyn etc but not the fader. Somehow after a while I get it back and alls good until the next time.

I thought that this may be something to do with Spill but I have that turned off in prefs.

I've had the Dock for almost two years and use it every day but this problem has just started ?

Thoughts ?
Richard Spooner
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