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Default Re: Replacing Mbox2 for High Sierra OS Suggestions

Get a simple plug n play midi usb interface and do a midi thru from one of the outboard gear, either the V Drum module or the keyboard.

The Apollo Twin duo is FANTASTIC and we use two of them to control our bigger Apollo X8P units and for preamp quality and converters it will be like night and day from any MBox or Digi products. You will LOVE it!

Anf you are on Mac so Thunderbolt2 will be very stable and fast! Apollo stuff works superb with Macs and I would look at a second hand Twin DUO MK2 for around $500 ss thats where they sit price-wise here.

And a cheap USB midi interface is like ~$20 so no huge investment there. Great idea to put the money on a used Twin Duo. Dont get the Solo as the DSP poser wont let you run much plugins from UAD-2 selections.
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