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Default Re: Best SYstems and Components for Win HD/TDM

Hi Nikki & all,

As you can see from my system components below I am running a HD4, but usually HD3 with a 192i/o.

The fourth card just seems to mostly make the system unstable so I have a card sitting doing nothing at the moment which is frustrating.

As far as the systen goes, as a HD3 it is extremely stable especially in the Audio department. Doing fantastic mixes with heaps of DSP to spare. Love the McDSP stuff and SMACK!

Draw backs are with the windows inability to address more than 3 gig ram total (including Virtual). I use BFD extensively with Spectronics RMX and Essential Strings, XPAND, Sampletank 2.1, Virtual Guitar 2 and lots of other virtual plugs thanks to the FXpansion VST to RTAS wrapper 2.0. but I quickly run out of useable ram. Especially with some of the fantastic drum sounds from the BFD deluxe series.

So this system runs fantastic as a HD3, and the Ram issues means I have to commit sounds to Hard drive like we used to in the old Analog days, so I am very happy but am looking forward to Windows 64 bit (Vista) where the Ram will no longer be an issue and the Audio and virtual instruments will be seamless. (fingers crossed)

Thanks Nikki and Digi for starting this Sticky. I am sure it will help answer recouring questions for us XP TDM users. Although I must say we don't have that much to whinge about from Digi IMHO.


Big D (Duncan)


* Motherboards *

ASUS A8V Deluxe

Slot 1 AGP Video Card
Slot 3 HD ACCEL Card
Slot 4 HD Core Card

* CPU *

AMD64 X2 4400+

* Power Supplies *

Antec TruePower 550.

* Hard Drives *

ATA 1 Primary:- Western Digital 200 ATA
ATA 2 Primary:- LG DVD RW
SATA Bus 1:- Western Digital 200 SATA
SATA Bus 2:- Western Digital 200 SATA
Raid 1 0+1:- Western Digital 250 SATA
Raid 2 0+1:- Western Digital 250 SATA

* RAM *
2 gig GEIL Ram
i.e 4x512 sticks of DDR400

* Video Card *

Dual Head 9250

* Cases *

Antec 4U rackmount Case

* Cooling *

4 Extra quiet Fans (forget Brand will look up)

* Removable Media *

2 x Western Digital 200ata in ICE CUBE firewire/USB Cases

* Extras *

Microsoft PS2 Keyboard
Microsoft USB Mouse
Powered USB HUB for 2 x ILOK & 1 Stienberg Dongle and mouse

* Monitors *
2 x 17" BENQ LCD Screens
1 x 26" Philips HD TV with ANALOG, DVI, SVIDEO and HDMI inputs for Video editing and capturing from JVC HDV camera.

INTEL S5000XVN serverboard
4 gig Fully Buffered Ram (About to add more)
3 x WD500gig SATA, 1 x WD1T32mb SATA cache Green
NVIDIA Geforce 7300le,
Command 8,HD2,192,Massive Pack 4
Windows 7 64 bit PTHD 9
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