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Originally Posted by Southsidemusic View Post
S3 still is a whole other animal. S1 is replacing the ARTIST MIX/Control NOT the S3 so why do you keep thinking a 5000 dollar unit would be the same quality as a 1000 dollar unit i.e. S1 ??!! What did you think the reps would say - No donít buy the S1 cause itís a low budget product which it is ... period!
It are exactly the same components. So it makes for a very enticing choice compared to the S3, which I own but always thought was overpriced for the rather low quality faders and buttons it has. Pricing on the S1 makes more sense.

I am looking into switching over to S1 for a small mixing suite as, by the looks of it, can offer more for my workflow (thanks to the ipad), at a cheaper price and with the exact same components of the S3.

I also know of other studios who currently have d-commands and havenot switched to S6 or S4 because of the increased price and instead are looking at the S1 as replacements. Not the S3.

The fact that the S3 is 5k and the S1 is 1K is irrelevant to its actual quality and use case, and given that the components are equal, the S1 makes sense as a substitute for the S3 in a lot of cases.
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