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Default Re: 003, unable to set 96 kHz sample rate

Originally Posted by taylor4814 View Post
Pro Tools 2019.6
003 Console
Win 10 Home version 1809

Was working on 96 kHz 32-bit-float session last week; but now session opens as 44.1 kHz, and additionally, unable to set 96 kHz sample rate in create new sessions, or in hardware settings... the selection is initially allowed, but then the error message:

Getting error message: "The current playback engine doesn't support 96 kHz sample rate"

Playback Engine in Pro Tools *is* the 003;
And, as is best practice in Windows, the default audio device is *not* set to 003

(this is what usually generates this error)
We might need more info here The only causes of this that I know are:
1-Windows is using the 003(please double-check the Windows sound settings as updates for Windows, or for hardware drivers can often reset that(windows updates also like to reset USB Power Management)
2-you have multiple devices connected digitally to the 003 and clocking is locking to a piece that is set to 44.1K.

If this is no help, come back with lots of details on ALL hardware connected
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