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Default Re: What happened to my plugins?

None of this makes total sense to me for several reasons... including how those plugins are still licensed on the other compute (maybe they actually no longer are.. Paul are you sure you can still open and run those sessions on your older computer and those plugins actually work? -- not just it does not complain, but you see/hear the plugins actually work). But this is the closest I can get to of thinking of any path that might get to this situation.

It would be good to understand what happened, but ultimately this may also not worth a lot of effort. Even if no longer available via that promotion, Paul can purchase each stomp-box plugin perpetual license for $4.99, or subscribe to the complete plugin bundle for $50/year... or get that include in the annual price if he swaps to a modern subscription license. And hopefullu all the other issues Paul has had have been resolved with other downloads being put in his Avid account.

BTW while not horrible I think those licensing statements still could have been explained better in the blog, they might still be interpreted overly favorably by some folks (if they ignore the golden rule of licensing... read everything in the vendor's favor )
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