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Default Re: What happened to my plugins?

Originally Posted by Darryl Ramm View Post
So I'm *guessing* the way the stomp-box plugins got involved here was via this Pro Tools 12 promotion:

I have no idea if Avid expected those to be installed on Pro Tools 11. Note the big-old comment there that the bundles works without iLok physical licensing... what they mean is per-machine licensing like Pro Tools First. Did Avid do something unusual and have that bundle activation process that drops a machine license on the disk???

I have no idea how that "Pro Tools 12 bonus bundle" was ever exactly packaged or license activated or if it should appear in my own Avid Downloads, its not in mine and I suspect I never had qualified for it anyhow.
The Stomp Box effects bonus bundle part (not Eleven Free) was tied to having an active plan. It shouldn't run now that his plan is expired.

The other 16 stompbox effects are now part of the new bonus plug-in bundle for Pro Tools and Pro Tools | HD as part of the 12.2 release.
and earlier
Which products include the new plug-in bundles?
The new bonus plug-in bundles are subscription bundles that are active during the duration of one of the following upgrade plans or subscriptions.
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