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Default Re: What happened to my plugins?

Oh and we may be getting closer...

Thank to looking at that screen shot that Chris pointed out I realized the licenses is a Pro Tools 10/11/12 bundle. I had only previously focused on Pro Tools 11 deals/bundles as a source here.

So I'm *guessing* the way the stomp-box plugins got involved here was via this Pro Tools 12 promotion:

I have no idea if Avid expected those to be installed on Pro Tools 11. Note the big-old comment there that the bundles works without iLok physical licensing... what they mean is per-machine licensing like Pro Tools First. Did Avid do something unusual and have that bundle activation process that drops a machine license on the disk???

I have no idea how that "Pro Tools 12 bonus bundle" was ever exactly packaged or license activated or if it should appear in my own Avid Downloads, its not in mine and I suspect I never had qualified for it anyhow.

I think I'm at the point we need to throw back to Avid support, and let them deal with if that bonus plugin download should still to be in Pauls' downloads still or not. I'll ping Jeffro to see if he can kick this to support.

Paul not saying this this is what happened, just I have more questions, and support is best able to deal with it from here.

And thanks for the detailed reply, that really helped exclude several things, and attaching the ILM screenshot again was key here.
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