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Default Re: What happened to my plugins?

Originally Posted by Southsidemusic View Post
That may be true but according to the picture he posted on the first page of this thread the PT license bundle is ln the Cloud, Not the ilok so that makes me think is the issue here as it works on the laptop where he has the ilm set to use cloud and not on the new license ln the new PC.
Yep. Chris is right about that.

My current guess is that the install having problems has pre-cloud licensing compatible plugins. That might be fixed by installing to the latest versions of those plugins. ... but whjich cloud account are they being activated by??

But more importantly cloud licensing is not officially supported on Pro Tools 11. So Paul you have far toom amny things set up wrong here, I would move you licenses back to the physical iLok and see what happens.

See this

You should also install (or reinstall) the latest version of the ILM from before doing this. Do that on both computers.

That does still not explain to me where the stomp box plugin licenses are coming from. And again I wonder if there are multiple accounts possibly happening here -- Paul that can happen when folks register/set stuff up. It happens more than you might think.


And for the Softube Time and Tone licenses show in that same screen shot... are they all running OK on both your systems?
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