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Default Re: Are we not due an update??!!

Originally Posted by JFreak View Post
Not defending. IMO Avid should have made their mind regarding this HDX voice thing half a year ago. I'm just waiting what happens, nothing more. If they cannot make a release that works with all cards and they spend a whole year doing just that, they fail in so many ways it would have been far lesser defeat to just accept some pct of cards come back because of the firmware update.

Then they should realise they screwed up and perhaps give everyone an extra year or 6 months extra on their plans.

It is extremely tiring seeing defense for a company that quite frankly, is taking the mickey with these plans that we have to pay for in advance with the promise of feature updates.

If they canít deliver, then thatís on them. I canít take an extra fortnight to complete a job because Iím encountering difficulties and then bill my client for the extra work. Why should they?

Iím sorry, but it doesnít work that way. They get away with it because of the reinstatement fee that no one wants to pay, thus they keep you hooked. Eventually, this wonít be enough and they will lose customers... perhaps in droves. At that point, itís too late.

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