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Default Re: Reason 11 is Coming

Originally Posted by musicman691 View Post
This is heaven as I've never been a huge fan of Rewire with all the problems I've had with the input routing from PT to Reason. The MIDI might not be a problem if one remembers to use the synth version of Patchwork.

I never really had any input issues routing from Reason to PT. I don't know of any way to input from PT to Reason, though. Rewire has ever been a one way street.

Originally Posted by musicman69
I just posted over on the Reasontalk forum in a thread announcing R11 and asked about aax support. Doubt I'll get an answer anytime soon. And now I can't find it in the thread but I thought I saw something that it's no longer Propellerheads but something else - anyways there's some kind of name change happening. Here's a link to that thread: [URL[/URL]

edit #2:
Found a page with a bit more in shorter form than the thread where I posted and it's here: and the new name is Reason Studios

If you scroll down to the bottom of the page I linked in the OP, you will see that the P-heads have announced the following:
Farewell Propellerhead, hello Reason Studios
Why, you ask? We’ve always been about turning the world’s music dreamers into music makers. We wanted to clearly show our commitment to providing the best music making experience, guiding and inspiring people to keep creating. And, the world really knows us for Reason. Reason Studios better encapsulates our mission. So this isn’t a course change into some new and scary territory. It’s about staying closer to the thing we love: Reason.
Over the coming weeks, you’ll see us changing to Reason Studios wherever Propellerhead has shown up— places like on our website, Facebook, Instagram and the like. Don’t worry, all your old links will still work. While the name and logo change, the people here remain as dedicated as ever.

So, say goodbye to Propellerheads and hello to Reason Studios.
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