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Default Re: Reason 11 is Coming

Originally Posted by Sardi View Post
You canít host VST in ReWire mode. In fact, ReWire is discontinued as if v11.

Also, the modules wonít be individual plugins. The entire rack is one plugin with the modules hosted within the rack. This also includes the players and third part RE devices.

AU is coming at the end of the year and AAX is on the radar but not confirmed. We definitely need an AAX version as Iím not sure how well the Reason rack will work in something like Patchwork due to the MIDI and audio capabilities.

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Thanks for the further clarification. It shouldn't be all that hard for them to make Reason AAX. And, if they did, then making it so it can also host VSTs within it, like Patchwork does, shouldn't be all that difficult either. After all, Reason is already a VST host.

having to use the rack instead of individual plugins isn't that much of big deal to me. One of the reasons I often use Reason is because of the rack and how easy it is to build unique and multi-layered patches all in one rack or Combinator. With an AAX version that allowed VST hosting, Reason would be the most powerful VI on the planet...because it could essentially be virtually ANY VI or combination of VI's all in one rack!

In any event, this is huge step in the right direction of Reason, IMHO!
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