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Default Re: Strange behavior with PT11


I've been running PT since V 5. Over 15 years. The lock up problem began happening in PT10 if I left PT running and left the computer up overnight.

No Worries. A restart fixed the problem. Not so much in PT 11.

Please relieve yourself of concentrating on THIS issue.

On to the other points in my post.

I've had one occasion where, after moving several chunks of audio at one time, I couldn't get the system to play from where I placed the cursor. it wanted to go back X seconds and play from there. To get out of that I restarted, but still had the same problem. I ended up closing the session and starting one of the auto backup versions. That worked, but made me a bit nervous.

>>>I'm guessing that what i have here is a corrupted session since other sessions don't exhibit this anomaly.

I've also had problems just quitting PT. I once saved a copy to protect myself.

>>>>Again, weird behavior.

If nothing else I'd like to put these on record as problems and, has happened in the past here, find out if others are experiencing these problems and if they have found solutions.


Ty Ford
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