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Default Dual Xeon Scalable LGA 3647 workstation. Anyone?

Hi, everyone.

I am thinking of either building a dual xeon scalable LGA 3647 workstation for Pro Tools (based on ASUS WS C621E SAGE) or getting one ready (HP Z8). I want the best possible workstation for music composition for VIs synthesisers (Roland Cloud, Native Instruments, PianoteQ). It is important to note that the sessions would use mostly these VIs - not one or two...but a lot of them.
I would like to believe that the many cores (up to 58 cores, 116 threads) and great expandability can give me some reassurance of being able to compose without glitches and stops as I really don't want to freeze tracks or increase buffer sizes too much while composing.
I plan to start with cheaper processors (maybe 2 x Xeon 4116) and then later on give some longevity to the system by upgrading to 2 x Xeon 8180, when they hopefully will be cheaper.
I used Pro Tools on Windows for 5 years (some 10 years ago), then now on Mac for the last 7 years and thinking about moving to PC to get more power.
I would love to stay with the Mac OS but the new Mac Pros aren't ready from Apple - only sometime next year and I want to work now.

Does it make any sense? Anyone would care to give me some advice? Has anyone build a Pro Tools workstation with the Xeon LGA 3647 platform?

Useful links for the Xeon Scalable LGA 3647 products cited:

ASUS Motherboard I am talking about:

HP Z8 Workstation:

Any help is welcome!

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