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Default Anyone got TDM cards be recognized by Mac OS Sierra ?

okay ... we know PT10 is not supported officially by OS X operating systems newer than Mountain Lion and my intention is not to get PT10 working properly on Sierra. The greyed out menu bug alone is an absolut workflow-killer and there are many other issues as well.

I have a dual boot system. One partition with Sierra on it (for working with Logic f.e.), one partition with Mavericks which I boot if I have to work with PT. I still working primarily with a PT10HD Accel 3 system on Mavericks (though I own PT12HD, but donīt use it very much), but it would be nice to get the TDM cards working with PT10 on Sierra, only to make for smaller edits, playback check and so on.

Problem is, the cards are not recognized by Mac OS Sierra. DigiTest didnīt see them at all, too. So Iīm curious if thereīs anyone whoīs got the cards recognized and can run PT10 in TDM mode.

Thanks in advance...
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