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Default BFD3 and Waves gtr 3 on PTE

Hello - totally new to home recording - any help appreciated!!!

I am running -

Laptop PC - hp pavilion
Windows 8.1
Intel(R)core (TM) processor i54200 CPU (8GB, 64bit)
Pro tools express
Akai EIE pro

I also have a set of Roland TD9's and a launchkey and a couple of guitars.

I understand PTE isn't compatible with MIDI controllers - so programming drums with the paintbrush thing is incredibly tedious. I've heard I can make beats (not use pre-sets) in programmes like Ezdrummer or BFD3 - which a mate told me is best - is this compatible with PTE?

Also - wanting to get a better guitar sound on PTE - the same mate told me GTR3 is good. Is this compatible?

I am into psych/krautrock, melodic song writing

Cheers again!!!!
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